Sunday, 6 May 2007

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Who are we?

Hannah Ho Wai ling is a New Zealand-born Chinese. Her extended family has lived in Malaysia for a few generations, her ancestors hail from Guangdong. She cooks for money and is involved in grassroots activitism around decolonisation, anti-racism, queer stuff, feminism and environmental stuff.

Kate Lowe is a Pakeha who grew up on Aotea (Great Barrier). She wore gumboots and bare feet until she was 10. Her ancestors hail from Tasmanian settlers, the UK and France. She has been heavily involved in environmental activism for many years, as well as decolonisation education.

Nigel Murphy is a Pakeha whose special interest area is Chinese New Zealand history. He is the author of The Poll Tax in New Zealand: A Research Paper, and co-author of Aliens at My Table: Asians as New Zealanders See Them. His recent research interest is racism and the formation of national identity.

Kirsten Wong is a Chinese New Zealander whose family has lived in Wellington for over 100 years. She is actively involved in the Chinese community and was a policy analyst at the Office of Ethnic Affairs (working on the poll-tax apology). She is now a communications consultant.

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